Lokalakalan 2019 Crafts & Baybayin Calligraphy Workshops


Fair Trade Greetings! To celebrate our cultural artistry and heritage, we’ll be having two FREE workshops for May 11, 2019 at UP Town Center – The Caf Area. The crafts workshop facilitated by PAPEL Women Weavers of Tondo, will be using old magazines to upcycle them into accessories and other crafts. Meanwhile, the Baybayin Calligraphy Workshop will be facilitated by Hibla Sanghabi Castro, a trained Filipino archaeologist with special interests on Filipino Indigenous culture.


The workshops will be held just across the Amphitheater area, besides the 2nd floor of Timezone. The registrant is allowed to sign up only one additional participant for the workshop. Unclaimed or extra slots shall be open for walk-in participants on May 11. Registration for walk-in participants will be at the Advocacy & Information booth located at the Amphitheater area.


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